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The TVXQ LiveJournal writing project is a collaborative fiction, in which each member of TVXQ has a LiveJournal account. They are not a band- they are five real friends using LiveJournal to communicate and post their day's events. They live life as we do, as regular people. The story is told through their posts and comments. Co-written by brainlaxxand pinkfluffies


Jaejoong: pradaholic
Yunho: moobyman
Yoochun: mickypoo
Junsu: beanyjelly
Changmin: minthewise

There is no real plot, we make it up as we go along. For example, if one of us posts as Jaejoong and says “Early Christmas”, the other has to go along with it. This project is almost like a game.

There is a community, dbsk_project, where a link to the original post will be put up. Because you can’t comment on the journals, you can go ahead and ask questions/give comments at the community. You can join the community for updates. If you do have questions, you can always contact one of us @ Thanks!
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